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- - Mladost area

Mladost living complex, the second largest in Varna, is located in the Northwest of the city. It has existed since 1st of January 1996 based on paragraph 4, article 2 from the Capital municipality and other cig cities Territorial division law. This law divided varna into five regions.
            More than 90 000 people reside in Mladost. There are the living complexes Mladost I, II, III and IV, Vladislavovo I and II, Troshevo, Pobeda and St.Ivan Rilski neighbourhood. To the area belong the village formations Kochmar, Pchelina, Planova and Salzitsa.  

To Mladost also belongs the West industrial zone, where main, for the development of the city, companies work. There also are the big store houses. More and more firms choose to develop their business in this area, which provides with good perspectives and possibilities.

Some of the huge chain stores, such as Praktiker, Mr.Bricolage, Piccalilli, Kaufland, Moto-phoe, Peugeot and others, have their own stores in the area. Two of the world-wide oil companies – SHELL and OMV – are investors in the living complex, as well. The first two out of four malls opened in Varna – Pfoe Mall and Mall of Varna. In Vazrazhdane living complex is located the biggest, closed residential neighborhood Orchid Hills – Varna. There are 450 apartments on its premises.

On area of 40 decares in Mladost complex was built the biggest in the city sports and recreational center. It offers four playing grounds, a lake with boats, children’s playing ground, open ice skating track, summer amphitheater, rock climbing wall, roller blades ground, skate park and others. The center is to be used by more than 200 000 people for free.

rayon.jpgTwo well-equipped medical care centers are among the new “belongings” of the area.

There are 17 schools, 14 kinder gardens and 3 crèches in the complex. The convenient transportation, the numerous green grounds, also more than 700 merchant companies make Mladost residential complex a preferable place to live. 

In the area are also located the Fire fighters headquarters, the bus station and the jail.

Parts of the area are equipped with central heating. Putting gas pumps heating is on the go for one of the micro neighborhoods.

Mladost residential area is a preferable place for living, education, business and new housing building place to many Varna citizens.


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Mladost area

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